Below is a list of 10 skills that are important for leaders and managers. Have a think about these and how you would rate your capability for each. Are these skills relevant to your role or are there others that are more important?

  1. Creativity – the ability to think freely and openly about scenarios, problems and strategies to identify new and innovative ways to respond
  2. Mindfulness – able to keep mind in the present and respond to situations and scenarios based on what is actually happening rather than catastrophising or ignoring
  3. Problem solving – the ability to consider an issue as a specific problem and work through a structured process to identify solution
  4. Information analysis – the ability to consider large amounts of information, filter our what’s important and define whether information is fact or opinion
  5. Delegation – the ability to assign work to someone else and ensure they complete it to the best of their abilities without micromanaging them
  6. Performance management – the ability to overcome issues related to work performance and create a supportive environment to enable individuals to improve their performance
  7. Communication – the ability to engage with others in verbal, non verbal and written ways and ensure you are understood and to also manage how you receive communication to let others know that you understand them
  8. Confidence and assertiveness – the ability to carry yourself with the self-belief that your thoughts, words and actions are worthwhile and that your contribution is worth being included
  9. Operational planning – thinking systematically about how you carry out work and finding ways to be more effective and efficient with time
  10. Prioritising – considering the work that you have to do and organising it to ensure that you complete important work as well as urgent work

If your current role (or one that you aspire to) requires different skills, identify them and assess your current capability. Do you have the skills to move your leadership or career forward or do you need to develop further?

If you are interested in developing any of the above skills or would like to discuss other development areas, FMI offers a range of in house training, self-paced open learning and coaching programs across these areas and many more. If you would like more information please contact us to discuss.