You’ve made the decision to invest in a course or program to help you develop your career. But how do you make sure you get a return on investment when you pick a training or education solution?

Some things to consider when selecting a program are:

  • Is the content relevant to your particular role? How will this knowledge help you improve your workplace performance?
  • How will you translate theory into practice? Does the program include activities and projects for you to apply the content to your work?
  • How much extra time is needed on top of “study time” to actually apply the content to your work?
  • What support do you have to apply learning and reflect on the experience?
  • Who will give you feedback about your performance?

Here at FMI we have a focus on learning by doing and supporting people through the process.

We offer a range of courses and programs with content and delivery options that can be tailored for each individual learner. Our services are always integrated with workplace application and include support from FMI as well as a nominated workplace mentor or manager.

We have recently developed the Practical Leadership and Management Program t provides 10 different learning modules across self-management, management of others, operational excellence and strategic development so you can pick the content that is applicable to you. Modules are combined with a Workplace Experience Project that enables the participant to transfer learning to their work in a structured, supported way with measurable results. It focuses on providing a return on investment for both participants and employers by improving the way they plan and manage their work without adding a load of extra hours to study.

Participants can also choose to complete one of the three levels of certification based on the modules completed. We also offer a pathway program for people who have completed nationally recognised certificate IV or diploma level qualifications for managers and leaders.

For an overview of the program please click here. We deliver by open learning, coaching or by group training onsite at our clients’ premises.

If you would like to know more about how this program can be completed by individuals and groups at organisations, please contact us.