Over the past few months we have been working with the leadership team at a Sydney based property management company who are focused on expanding and improving their business performance. The team had a range of topic areas that they wanted to cover and the program had to have a focus on direct workplace application.

They key to improving workplace performance is to find new ways of doing things and create an environment that encourages and supports team members to identify and implement improvements.

We designed a program that includes a range of focused leadership development areas delivered in 2.5 hour sessions each month. These are combined with workplace application projects which are completed in small groups. Participants receive support from their managers and also from FMI when developing their project plans.

We are part way through the program and the participants are highly engaged in the learning experience and are already developing a range of projects to improve workplace performance. These include projects to improve workplace wellbeing, improve and integrate systems and manage performance.

As a learning and development specialist, we thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to see the changes and improvements that the program is bringing about. It’s great to see the participants’ enthusiasm and confidence grow.

If you would like to discuss a tailored learning program for your organisation, contact us today and we will be happy to discuss.