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Centre of Leadership

The Centre of Leadership by the Frontline Management Institute (FMI) delivers engaging learning and development experiences. By tailoring experiences to meet the specific needs of our clients, FMI is able to meet specific client objectives using creative, innovative and change driven techniques. Experiences include training, coaching, mentoring, assessments, evaluation services, workshops, courses, programs and resources.
There are five key principles that guide all learning and development experiences with the FMI Centre of Leadership and they are:


A leader must achieve results by working with people. FMI leadership development is focused on how a leader works with individuals and teams to inspire, motivate, guide, communicate, monitor and review performance to lead to the desired results. Leaders learn best by interacting with others and applying leadership in practice. Leadership development goes beyond understanding theories about people to working successfully with people in practical situations.


A leader must move forward to inspire and guide the team to improve performance and innovate new and better ways of doing things. To be worthwhile leadership development must focus on practical ways that work and systems can be improved and innovations applied within the organisation. Innovation is more than having new ideas – it is about successfully applying these ideas in practice.


Leaders will learn and develop better and faster if they can see the relevance of the learning to their present or future work roles. The FMI Centre of Leadership partners with organisations to develop learning experiences that relate to their organisation and are relevant and flexible.


Leaders learn best by actually doing things and the FMI Centre of Leadership encourages and facilitates participants to actively apply learning whether by simulated activities, workplace based improvement projects or Action Plans.


In order to embed knowledge about leadership and to enhance practical leadership skills it is vital that leaders are thoroughly engaged in the learning through interactive facilitation that enables the leaders to participate fully in the development activities.


Frontline Management Institute – Developing Managers and Leaders

For engaging learning experience and developing leadership and management skills, Frontline Management Institute is the leadership training in NSW institute offering tailored courses. Creating solutions to address your specific needs our creative, change-driven and innovative techniques will deliver results. Our experiences include coaching, training, assessments, mentoring, workshops, evaluation services, resources and programs.

We deliver learning experiences that encompass the fundamental principles of management, and contextualize them so that they are relevant. Join Frontline Management Institute today to develop your leadership and management potential!

The Centre of Leadership by the Frontline Management Institute (FMI) offers informative and engaging learning programs that are designed to meet the specific needs of the clients. These training programs incorporate creative and innovative techniques to meet the specific objectives of the clients. Leadership coaching in Australia by FMI includes training, coaching, mentoring, assessments, evaluation services, workshops, courses, programs and resources.

Five key elements including leadership, innovation, focus, flexibility and interactive facilitation are carried by all learning experiences of the FMI Centre of Leadership that ensure overall development and the best leadership qualities to the employees.

FMI leadership development focuses on how a leader inspires and motivates individuals and teams to ensure the desired results. Leadership development is not all about understanding theories but putting these principles in practical situations with success.

An innovative leader who thinks of new and better ways of doing things will inspire the team more. An effective leader often strives to find practical ways that work innovative systems that can be easily applied within the organisation.

Being flexible is as important as being innovative and inspiring. The FMI Centre of Leadership helps organisations to develop customised learning experiences that are most relevant to them. How well the leaders learn to actively apply learning and to implement their action plans is what makes an effective manager and leader in any organization. FMI learning experiences help the leaders to improve their practical leadership through interactive facilitation that makes them competent to participate in the developmental activities.