Goal achieved…now what?

Goal achieved…now what?

You set it, you achieved it and you find yourself asking “now what?” To figure out the next step you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Have I reached my objective?

Think of your objectives as your vision of where you’d like to get to. Generally there are several goals that we must achieve before we can achieve our objective. Consider whether you have achieved an objective or if there are still some steps to go. Remember sometimes our goals and objectives change over time so you can always re-evaluate your status. See our Getting back on track post for more on this.

Have I really achieved my goal?

You may have ticked off a goal but it turns out that you haven’t quite achieved it. That’s ok. Just keep at it until you have finished. If you are having trouble staying on track, try our tips for staying motivated.

Did I set the right goal in the first place?

Sometimes what we thought would satisfy our desire for change just hasn’t done it for us. This could be for one of two reasons.

One is that it could be the first stage of change, necessary for the subsequent stages to progress, but not the whole change that you are after. If this is the case then you must just be patient and continue to move forward. If you face difficulties consider some of the supports that are available to you.

The second reason is that our goals may have been misguided in the first place and so they were never going to satisfy us. If this is the case then we must go back and evaluate what is it we really want to change.

Have I celebrated my achievements?

Make sure you take the time to reflect and appreciate what you have achieved before moving onto anything else. This is an important way for you to recognise the value of the change that you have made.


Am I ready for another change or do I just want more of that “happy” feeling?

Achieving goals can become addictive! When we reach our goals our brain releases a chemical called Dopamine. This is the same chemical that is released when we consume addictive stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine. There are other things which release that chemical such as altruism and exercise. Maybe set some goals around supporting other people as your next step.

Who am I really trying to change?

You’ve experienced the benefits of achieving your goals and now you want others to share that feeling too – but are you pushing them or supporting them? It is generally ok to communicate the benefits of what you have achieved to them, but pressuring someone else is not a good motivator.

What do I want to tackle next?

You are feeling empowered to make more changes. First of all reflect on what you’ve learnt so far and how these experiences could impact future goal and objective setting. Then, when you’re ready take some time to think about what you want to achieve next and set some goals and objectives and move into action.

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