Nationally recognised assessments and qualifications

Assessment for the Frontline Management Institute’s Qualifications is by providing evidence to demonstrate competency for the competency units.

fmi has a unique copyrighted way of assessing competency that provides valuable development to both the participant and to the organisation. The assessment consists of two forms: 1. Competency Application Questions 2. Strategic Workplace Improvement Projects

Competency Application Questions

Competency Application Questions are related to individual units and require evidence of participant’s application of competency in the workplace. Participant’s answers are signed off and commented on by either participant’s Line manager or by their workplace Mentor. Participants in Public Programs must arrange for a suitable person to act as their Mentor.

Strategic Workplace Improvement Projects

Strategic Workplace Improvement Projects are carried out as listed below. Participants select an opportunity, issue or problem in their work that can be improved and relates to competency units. Participants agree the project with their manager and Mentor. Participants then plan, implement and review the project liaising with their Mentor and Manager who sign off and comment on the project.

fmi Assessment Guides

fmi sends participants Assessment Guides (Word Documents in electronic form) that participants complete and email back to fmi. The Assessment Guides contain all questions to answer, instructions and the relevant competency unit details. Participants must have a computer with email capability and be able to use Word documents. You can use these Assessment Guides anywhere in the world! All you need is email access and the Microsoft Word program.

fmi Assessment Reports

An fmi assessor assesses participant submissions and participants are sent an Assessment Report by email usually within 21 days of receipt of the assessment. Participants are assessed as one of the following outcomes:


The Frontline Management Institute is a Registered Training Organisation and as such adheres in this Program to the Standards in the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). These include Mutual Recognition. fmi’s Training Policies can be found here

Tailored assessment and certification

We are able to work with you and your organisation to develop a set of competency standards for individual roles, teams or projects. Once these have been developed we can create a range of assessments to measure competence against the standards. Please contact us if you would like to dicuss these further.