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Our Approach








What we believe

Our approach to developing people and organisational programs focuses on:

  • Providing information in an interesting and relevant format so that learners remember it and it forms part of their knowledge base
  • Help participants understand how to apply knowledge to particular situations so that they can develop skills to improve their ability to manage and lead themselves and others
  • Provide support and feedback to help improve confidence. This may include support from mentors and colleagues in the work organisation
  • Support learners to understand the relevance and value of their role and work to the wider team and organisation and its objectives. This helps to develop engagement in own work and improving personal performance
  • Provide opportunities for learning though effective application and experience in the workplace
  • Align training and coaching with organisation’s objectives to deliver a measurable improvement to performance and return on investment

FMIs courses and programs and designed to help learners take responsibility for their own performance by helping them understand how their work impacts the rest of their team, organisation and stakeholders. Taking ownership over your own career is the key to driving exceptional, consistent and sustained results in the face of all weathers.

FMI Learning model

All learning programs and short courses delivered by FMI integrate the following aspects: