FMI has worked with many hundreds of organisations over a span of more than twenty years delivering management development programs to drive improved manager performance. Over this time, the programs that have seen the best results have integrated a combination of workshops and coaching, workplace application through projects and support and recognition for program participants.

These programs have seen improved engagement and performance of managers and their teams.  They have also experienced significant return on investment with outcomes and performance improvements clearly tracked through the project process.

FMI’s Diamond Learning and Development model illustrates how these programs drive results for organisations and their managers.

Workshops and coaching

Knowledge transfer and relationship building

FMI’s workshops and coaching are facilitated to  help participants:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of concepts
  • Build positive team relationships beyond standard working structures
  • Identify shared interests and challenges at work
  • Identify how peers can support each other including knowledge sharing

Workplace application

Behavioural change and performance improvement

FMI’s Management Application Projects (MAP) provide opportunities for participants to:

  • Engage in a self-directed project with support and guidance from peers and Advisers
  • Be challenged to grow and improve their work
  • Work on a project that is meaningful
  • Apply strengths and interests to a project relevant to their work

Support and recognition

Influence attitudes and increase engagement

To enhance the effectiveness of management development programs, the organisation can provide:

  • Engagement in projects and ongoing development
  • Recognition from senior management for achievements
  • Support to empower participants to carry out their projects effectively