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Our Approach


FMI uses the Adult Learning and 70 : 20 : 10 Frameworks to provide results driven learning and development solutions.

We aim to improve performance of individuals through developing skills and knowledge and expanding capabilities. We work with organisations to optimise staff performance to leverage organisational outcomes such as profitability, customer satisfaction, employee retention and staff engagement.

Our Programs are designed to deliver a return on investment (ROI) for individuals and organisations.

Our engaging programs combine the following learning types:

  • Experiential: self-directed work carried out in the workplace
  • Social: feedback on performance from managers and colleagues, observing and working with others and building networks
  • Formal: workshops, online training and coaching

Inhouse design team


Frontline Management Institute has extensive experience in developing and facilitating engaging inhouse leadership and management training and courses. We offer tailored workshops, programs and courses, driving results for learners and their organisations.

As design is all done in house, FMI is also able to offer:

  • Ability to integrate speakers or program sponsors into the learning sessions
  • Design and support for mentoring programs


FMI creates all learning and assessment materials in house. This offers flexibility with how learning and assessment materials are designed and delivered for each client. Some options available to clients include:

  • Branding of learning and assessment materials
  • Tailoring of content in learning and assessment materials
  • Writing of new courses or programs to integrate into the program

Return on investment

FMI creates courses and programs to address a range of challenges and strategic initiatives such as staff retention, workplace culture, organisational efficiency, customer service, strategic growth and leadership pipelines.

All of FMI’s training includes a practical focus on how learners will apply the content to their role. This is combined with support for the organisation so that they can provide ongoing support for the learners with confidence.

FMI's Services