This highly successful practical management skills program helps new and experienced managers to transform their management practice and improve results for themselves and their teams over a three month period. The innovative design of this management training design combines training, coaching, workplace application projects and mentoring. Join the program to increase your confidence and capability as a manager while you work through actual management challenges in your role.


Practical management skills is a unique and popular management training program for leaders, managers, team leaders and supervisors looking to improve their work performance and improve the quality of the outputs for themselves, their teams and organisations.

This three month program provides practical management skills that are relevant for new and experienced managers.

The program focuses on learning through action so participants will spend less time in a classroom and more time improving the way they work and developing their capability as managers. This management development program combines practical workshops, coaching, workplace application projects and a range of resources. This model enables learners to increase their confidence and capability whilst also working through actual management challenges.

The innovative program design is based on over 20 years work with managers and leaders across Australia and NZ. It combines pragmatic management approaches, the latest research, real world examples, practical application, feedback, mentoring and a range of tools to support managers to improve their work performance.

The program is designed for managers and consists of three practical modules designed to help learners improve work performance while building strong relationships with managers, staff and customers.

Manage personal effectiveness
  • Personal leadership
  • Manage your time and priorities
  • Manage stress and develop resilience
  • Develop yourself as a leader
Manage people effectively
  • People skills and relationships at work
  • Effective communication at work
  • Emotional intelligence at work
  • Meet challenges in managing people
Manage team performance
  • Lead teams
  • Performance management
  • Delegate and assign work
  • Manage challenges in performance management

With proven results for clients across a range of industries, this program is now available for individuals and small groups who want to improve their capability and success as managers.

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