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Leadership and Management Training

Frontline Management Institute offers a range of leadership and management training options including short courses and training programs.

FMI’s leadership and management training programs are designed to change behaviour, improve team performance and deliver enhanced profitability for organisations.

For a full catalogue of our training courses visit our training course catalogue.


FMI offers a range of personal development, operational management, leadership and people management and strategic development short courses.

FMI’s short courses:

  • Are designed in-house by our team of expert and qualified instructional designers
  • Include a variety of half day to two days courses and Essentials sessions (60 to 180 minutes)
  • Can be delivered as stand-alone courses / sessions or integrated into programs
  • Can be tailored for specific organisation needs
  • Can be written for a specific topic which is not currently available in FMI’s training catalogue
  • Are can be facilitated by one of FMI’s trainers or by an internal trainer with relevant experience and credentials

Types of short courses

  • One or two day training course with interactive discussion, examples, case studies and role plays to demonstrate and apply principles. Suitable for groups of three or more participants. Maximum recommended group size is 20 however this is negotiable.
  • Half day courses that are delivered as a three hour overview with discussion, examples and case studies of principles and their application. These courses are suitable for groups of three or more participants. Content can be tailored to specific needs, useful if it will be delivered as part of a wider development program run by the organisation.
  • Essentials training sessions which are 60 – 90 minute concise overviews of key principles related to the course topic. Suitable for groups of three or more participants. Can be delivered to large groups as a keynote presentation with options for activities.


FMI develops a range of leadership and management training programs that are designed to embed learning, facilitate organisational change and drive improved performance.

Program design is very flexible and programs are tailored to the organisation’s needs.

FMI’s training programs:

  • Can combine multiple courses or sessions delivered over a period of 3 or more days
  • Can consist of a half day follow up course with additional project / application work to be completed by participants.
  • Can be aligned with qualifications or the organisation’s own competency standards, capability requirements or performance management systems or standards.
  • Can combine FMI courses and sessions with organisation’s internal training and / or courses provided by other training providers.

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