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Support managers and leaders with their professional development with work based improvement projects.

FMI has supported thousands of managers over the last 20 years and is a leader in this field.


FMI has worked with thousands of managers over a span of more than twenty years delivering management development programs and courses to drive improved manager performance. Over this time, our clients who have opted to include a Workplace Application Project have seen the most significant behavioural change in program participants. This has resulted in improved engagement and performance of managers and their teams. They have also experienced the highest return on investment with outcomes and performance improvements clearly tracked through the project process.


FMI’s Management Application Project (MAP) is a professional development tool to improve performance of managers.

Over an eight to twelve week period participants complete a workplace application project that helps them to develop and embed knowledge, skills and experience and drive behavioural change. It is undertaken by participants when they complete a short course or training program with FMI.

The self-directed, experiential project supports participants to identify management related opportunities, issues, tasks and problems and take the initiative to address them in a timely and cost effective way. Projects must deliver measurable benefits to the organisation that are relevant to strategic objectives and / or needs. They can be designed to benefit peers, customers, the wider organisation and other key stakeholders. The project also facilitates mentoring and connection with a network of managers and peers who can provide ideas, feedback and support even after the project has been completed.

FMI’s design approach for Management Application Projects (MAP)

Framework: Participants work through a MAP Project Guide which provides instructions for how to complete the project. They must set and measure performance targets that relate to relevant organisational performance objectives. Participants plan, implement and evaluate their project.

Support: The participant works with a Mentor and Advisers throughout the project. Their role is to provide feedback, help evaluate plans and progress, encourage and motivate and keep the participant accountable. The consultations also develop key interpersonal and communication skills.

Outcome: Projects are designed to address an opportunity or challenge within the organisation. They can benefit individuals, teams, stakeholders or the wider organisation. The project helps participants develop key management skills whilst working in a self-directed manner.


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