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Management training programs



Frontline Management Institute’s leadership and management training programs are designed improve manager performance. This delivers enhanced results for individuals, teams and organisations.

FMI has designed a range of management training programs that are suitable for managers, leaders, supervisors, team leaders and those transitioning into a management or leadership role.

FMI creates management training programs that are practical, relevant and current. All of FMI’s management programs are designed and facilitated by our team who combine subject matter expertise and workplace industry experience. We can tailor any of our courses or training programs for your organisation with specific examples and / or topics integrated into the delivery.

National and international delivery

Because our team is located across Australia, we are able to work with clients across Australia in Sydney, regional NSW, Melbourne, regional Victoria, Brisbane, Queensland, Adelaide, South Australia, Canberra, ACT, Perth and Western Australia and the Northern Territory. In addition, we also work with organisations based around the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the Americas.

FMI's approach to Management Training Programs


Each of FMI’s management training programs can be delivered for a small group of participants or for much larger groups. In addition, workshop delivery schedules can be adjusted to suit your organisation such as start / finish times and days of delivery.


FMI’s management training programs include one or more Management Application Projects (MAP). These provide participants with a framework for making improvements to their work, driving improved performance for the participants and the organisation.


Coaching can be integrated into the program design to further enhance the learning experience. Coaching is available for individuals or small groups and is delivered face to face, by phone or video call.

Management Training Programs customisation

  • Content: Integration of case studies and other content to match your organisation’s needs
  • Delivery: Option to schedule workshops outside of standard business hours including early morning, evenings and weekends
  • Facilitators: An additional FMI facilitator and/or presentation by in-house experts can be included
  • Follow up: The program can  follow up workshops  and activities
  • Alignment: The program can be aligned with organisation’s own competency standards, capability requirements or performance management standards or systems
  • Integration: Can integrate organisation’s internal training with program design and delivery

FMI's Management Training Programs

New manager training program

Learning to manage others for the first time requires an adjustment to the way you work, how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. FMI’s New Manager Training Programs help new managers to make the transition to their new role and enhance their effectiveness.

Practical management skills training programs

FMI’s Practical management skills training programs develop essential capabilities for new and experienced leaders and managers.

Advanced Management Training Program

FMI’s Advanced Management Training Program is designed to enhance the effectiveness and performance of managers and leaders.

Advanced Management and Operational Excellence Training Program

FMI’s Advanced Management and Operational Excellence Training Program is designed to enhance the effectiveness and performance of managers and leaders.

Practical Leadership and Management Training Program

A fully customisable program that provides practical tools and focuses on workplace application to drive improved performance as a manger or leader and to also provide a healthy ROI for organisations.

Management Focus Training Program

A management development program designed to enhance essential practical people leadership skills for a team of managers who may be too busy to take extended time off work.

Graduate Training Program

A practical training program developing essential people leadership skills for recent graduates or young people with leadership potential.

Tailored training programs

TAILORED TRAINING PROGRAMS OVERVIEW FMI partners with organisations to tailor training courses, modules and programs to meet specific organisational requirements.