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Self paced learning

Flexible learning

FMI has a range of self paced open learning short courses to develop practical skills for key areas of management and leadership.

Flexible delivery so you can start any time and complete at your own pace.

Get certified for $280 + GST

Options for self-paced learning

The following programs and courses are available via self-paced learning:

  • Business case planning short course
  • Business writing skills short course
  • Change management short course
  • Client relationships short course
  • Coaching short course
  • Communicate with influence short course
  • Continuous improvement short course
  • Customer service short course
  • Decision making and problem solving short course
  • Delegation short course
  • Emotional intelligence at work short course
  • Leadership short course
  • Manage a team short course
  • Mentoring short course
  • Negotiation skills short course
  • New managers short course
  • New supervisors / team leaders short course
  • Operational plans and systems short course
  • People development short course
  • Performance management short course
  • Practical management skills short course
  • Presentation skills short course
  • Project management short course
  • Risk management short course
  • Stress management short course
  • The mind at work short courses
  • Time management short course
  • Train the trainer short course

How it works

When a learner completes a self-paced program they receive:

  • Learning and assessment materials sent by email
  • Free help line by email or phone
  • Option to purchase coaching sessions
  • Certificate available and sent as PDF on satisfactory completion


FMI self-paced programs are designed to integrate into your work as easily as possible. We do not require the learner to download or submit work via a portal; rather, work is transferred via email.

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