Since 1998 the Frontline Management Institute’s services in training program design and delivery have enabled organisations to improve leadership and management performance and productivity.

Programs that deliver results

Over the past 20 years FMI has worked with a wide range of clients to design and deliver learning and development programs that deliver measurable results. This includes tailoring of content, writing of new courses, programs or assessment tools and integration of organisation branding.

Training design process

FMI follows a five stage process to create and deliver programs for clients:

FMI follows a five stage process in order to create and deliver programs for clients:

Analysis: FMI works with the client to identify key areas for change to knowledge, skills and behaviours

Design: FMI’s team of management and leadership and adult learning experts design a learning solutions tailored for the client’s needs

Delivery: FMI works with the client to deliver the program using the most effective methodologies and facilitators for that client

Workplace action: Learners transfer knowledge from program into workplace action, with the support and encouragement of their organisation

Evaluate ROI: The return on investment of the program is measured by tracking the benefits delivered to the organisation by the change in learner skills and behaviours and specific actions that were taken as a result of the program

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