Management training programs, short courses and coaching programs for frontline managers


Practical management training and coaching for frontline managers

Develop capability of frontline managers with training and coaching in practical management skills and tools to work effectively and efficiently.

FMI has trained thousands of frontline managers over the last 20 years and is a leader in this field.

Key issues faced by frontline managers:

  • Many frontline managers find it challenging to manage performance of others including how to give them feedback, develop performance plans and find ways to engage team members
  • Frontline managers can have difficulty delegating and allocating work to others and so often very time poor
  • It is very common for frontline managers to not spend enough time on strategic work and so are often dealing with the same issues over and again (firefighting) rather than addressing root causes and developing a continuous improvement approach
  • Some frontline managers may struggle adapting their interpersonal and communication style and for different team members resulting in conflict or disengagement from team
  • Many frontline managers are required to manage projects and keep them on schedule and budget whilst delivering on project objectives
  • Some frontline managers need to help their teams develop competencies by using coaching and mentoring
  • Frontline managers must be able to present clear and concise information, plans and proposals to various stakeholders
  • A growing area of focus for frontline managers is how to manage the wellbeing of themselves and their teams

Training and coaching for frontline managers:

FMI has a range of coaching, management training programs and management short course options available for frontline managers. These vary from the equivalent of a 1 day course to a full 10 day leadership and management program. FMI also offers certification for leaders and managers seeking a practical, work based certificate option.

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