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New team leaders and supervisors


Prepare new team leaders and supervisors for their new role

Management training programs, short courses and coaching programs for new supervisors and team leaders

Equip new team leaders and supervisors with the relevant skills to work effectively and prepare them for their new role.

FMI has trained thousands of new team leaders and supervisors over the last 20 years and is a leader in this field.


Key issues faced by new team leaders and supervisors:

  • New team leaders and supervisors may, for the first time in their career, be taking on responsibility for the performance of other people as well as themselves.
  • New team leaders and supervisors need to foster camaraderie within the team whilst also settling themselves into their new position.
  • People new to these role may not have developed the necessary skills for managing and leading others.
  • New team leaders and supervisors need to adjust their communication and interpersonal style when communicating about different topics with different stakeholders.

Training and coaching options for new team leaders and supervisors:

FMI offers a range of short courses, training programs and coaching programs to assist new team leaders and supervisors to make the transition to their new role and enhance their effectiveness. FMI’s learning and development solutions combine structured learning with on the job projects, feedback tools and reports to ensure learners apply skills and develop capability and drive results for themselves and their organisations.

Short courses and training programs for new team leaders and supervisors

Practical Management Skills for Business owners and operators Coaching Program

This is a coaching program developing practical management skills for business owners and operators who want to improve their ability to set strategic objectives and standards and manage the business in order to achieve these goals.

Practical management skills coaching program

This is a coaching program for people managers who want to improve their ability to manage people in their team and overcome common challenges faced by people managers.

New manager coaching program

Designed specifically for new managers, this coaching program helps new managers develop key management skills and work through common challenges faced by new managers.

Personal leadership coaching program

FMI’s personal leadership coaching program is for people who want to improve how they manage themselves and their work. It includes topics such as communication and emotional intelligence, time management, wellbeing, stress management, resilience and mindfulness.

New supervisors and team leaders courses

This course is designed specifically for people who are new supervisors or new team leaders.

Time management courses

This course gives a practical approach to managing time professionally and improving time use to increase the outcomes from the time invested.

Delegation and assigning work courses

This course shows how to delegate tasks effectively so that the results wanted are achieved.

Coach and mentor courses

This course provides a practical framework for coaching and mentoring peers and colleagues.

Emotional intelligence at work courses

This course enables people to understand practical ways to apply emotional intelligence at work for themselves and for the people they interact with.  It helps optimise results and avoid potential conflicts.

Conflict management courses

This course teaches people how to manage conflict for positive change.

Professional Communication

This course enables people to plan and deliver professional communication in a way that is clear, engages the audience, and is effective in achieving results.

Presentation skills courses

Improve confidence to prepare and present informative and persuading presentations by developing key presentation skills.