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New team leaders and supervisors

FMI has trained thousands of new team leaders and supervisors over the last 20 years and is a leader in this field.

Making the transition from a team member to a new team leader or supervisor can be challenging. Perhaps for the first time in your career you are taking on responsibility for the performance of other people as well as yourself.

You need to foster camaraderie within the team whilst also settling yourself in your new position. Taking on this new role and its responsibilities often requires the development of a new set of skills.


FMI offers a range of short courses, training programs, coaching and self-paced learning programs to assist new team leaders and supervisors to make the transition to their new role and enhance their effectiveness. FMI’s learning and development solutions combine structured learning with on the job projects, feedback tools and reports to ensure learners apply skills and develop capability and drive results for themselves and their organisations.