Advanced Management and Operational Excellence Training Program

FMI’s Advanced Management and Operational Excellence Training Program is designed to enhance the effectiveness and performance of managers and leaders.


FMI’s Advanced Management and Operational Excellence Training Program is designed to enhance the productivity and performance of managers and their teams. During the program participants learn to improve their personal management, people management, operational management and engage a client focused approach to innovation.

Delivered over a ten to fifteen month period, the program combines workshops with Management Application Projects (MAPs) to deliver a practical, work based management development program. The workshops cover topics such as time management, communication, emotional intelligence, conflict management, delegation, performance management, wellbeing, operational management, continuous improvement, customer service and innovation. The participants also take part in five projects across the program. These projects help participants to identify management related opportunities, issues, tasks and problems and take the initiative to address them in a timely and cost effective way. Projects can be designed to benefit peers, customers, the wider organisation and other key stakeholders.

This program is designed to deliver a healthy ROI for organisations and is beneficial for organisations that want to address a range of management strategic initiatives, development needs and challenges such as productivity, staff retention, quality, strategic growth, wellbeing, innovation, culture and leadership pipeline.

Program content

Module 1: Manage self

  • Communication and interpersonal skills workshop (1 day)
  • Time management and work priorities workshop (1 day)
  • Manage self MAP  (Individual project)

Module 2: Manage relationships

  • Emotional and social intelligence workshop (1 day)
  • Manage conflict and challenging conversations workshop (1 day)
  • Manage relationships MAP (Group project)

Module 3: Manage teams

  • Manage performance workshop (1 day)
  • Leadership and delegation workshop (1 day)
  • Manage teams MAP (Group project)

Module 4: Manage Operations

  • Operational management workshop (1 day)
  • Continuous improvement workshop (1 day)
  • Manage operations MAP (Group project)

Module 5: Manage customer experience

  • Manage customer service workshop (1 day)
  • Innovation workshop (1 day)
  • Customer Experience MAP (Group project)


  • Presentations and Future Planning workshop (1 day)

Program delivery

The core program consists of ten workshops and five projects with optional coaching and is delivered over ten to fourteen months. It can be delivered as:

  • One day per month for ten months or
  • Two days per quarter for fifteen months

Following the core program, participants will present the outcomes and their achievements of their Management Application Projects to senior management. They will also prepare for ongoing development as a manager.

Program features

  • Ability to integrate examples, case studies and resources from your organisation into the content
  • Delivery can combine workshops and coaching
  • Scheduling to suit your organisation’s working hours
  • Management Application Projects (MAPs) that deliver measurable improvements to workplace performance

Who is this program designed for?

This program can be customised to suit both new and experienced managers and leaders.

“Management is nothing more than motivating other people.”

Lee Iacocca

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