This course helps people write a business case for improvements that enables senior management to make clear decisions as to which way to proceed.

The ability to develop and implement a business case is a key requirement for all managers. Business cases analyse the benefits, potential outcomes and costs and issues of carrying out the proposed activity and make recommendations for moving forward. The business case enables decisions to be based on sound planning. A business case can be used effectively in a range of business sectors including operations, marketing, human resources (HR), resource acquisition, business expansion, introduction of new products or services and sales. This course gives a practical guide to preparing and using a business case in a professional way.

Key course content

Business case development

  • When and why prepare a business case?
  • Sponsorship for the business case
  • An adaptable format for a business case
  • Sourcing relevant information
  • Correlating information
  • Overview of the business case
  • Situational assessment
  • Critical assumptions and constraints
  • Stakeholder needs and interests
  • Analysis of options for improvement
  • Proposed options and key benefits
  • Implementation strategy
  • Risk management
  • Putting the business case elements together

Business case planning in practice

  • Review and evaluate samples of business case plans
  • Practise business case planning

How this course drives results

  • Receive business ideas as clear plans that can be evaluated and potentially implemented providing business improvements to performance, productivity or innovation
  • Set clear expectations regarding business case plan content and format
  • Encourage the submission of business cases for improvements to work operations

Who is this course designed for?

  • 1 day In house course (short course or module in a training program) or
  • 3 session coaching program

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for anyone who may need to submit a business case.

“The planning fallacy is that you make a plan, which is usually a best-case scenario. Then you assume that the outcome will follow your plan, even when you should know be.”

Daniel Kahneman

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