One day course on professional business writing.


This course provides a practical approach to effective business writing skills that enables clear communication and achieves the desired results from the reader.

Whether you have to write a short email or a detailed business report, the principles of professional writing will help you sharpen your message in a way that informs and persuades. In this very practical course participants learn to plan, draft and evaluate their writing in an organised and structured way to achieve the results they aim for.  Participants are encouraged to bring along draft samples of communication they may wish to develop during the course.


Business writing skills
  • The value of effective professional writing for you and your customers
  • Focus on desired outcomes for informing and persuading
  • Practical hints on correctly titling and formatting emails and other documents and making them easy to understand, act upon and file
  • How to plan an effective written document – practical exercises
  • Write documents that are concise, clear, avoid abbreviations and jargon and include a “call to action”
  • Set the right tone and style in documents including applying basics of grammar and punctuation
  • Write effectively – strategies, tips and hints for informing, persuading and developing rapport
  • The importance of quickly checking emails, attachments and other documents before sending
  • Time-saving tips on using standard formats
  • Personal action plan for further development as a writer of professional documents
Business writing practical application
  • Review and evaluate samples of professional writing
  • Practise business writing


  • Raise the standard of written communication with clients and stakeholders
  • Create a framework for written communication to ensure team members use clear and consistent language
  • Set appropriate tone for written communication sent from the organisation


  • 1 day In house course (short course or module in a training program) or
  • 3 session coaching program

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for people who want to improve their business writing skills to inform and persuade effectively.

Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.”

Brian Tracy