Change Maker training programs

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The four to six-week program includes a short course followed by a structured project and workplace application, combined with support and guidance from mentors. It concludes with a one or two day review and further development workshop. Participants give presentations identifying what they have achieved and these presentations may be attended by Senior managers of the organisation.

Participants assist in preparation of a report outlining key achievements of the program and strategies for ensuring the change is practical and sustainable.

For best results, the program is supported by a sponsor. This is either an individual or group (such as the board) from within the organization whose role is to ensure projects align with the organisation’s goals and objectives. In addition, participants will work with at least one mentor throughout the program to guide and advise them on their project and development.


FMI Change Maker Training Programs are designed for managers and leaders to facilitate positive change within their role. This includes:

  • Introducing new initiatives to the organisation
  • Improving current ways of doing things
  • Overcoming challenges that are hindering progress.


Below are some examples of Change Maker Program topics. These are based on projects that FMI’s clients have conducted over the past 20 years.

Personal management

  • Implementing strategies to improve personal time management
  • Developing personal learning and development plans to help improve performance
  • Developing communication or presentation skills

Leadership and people management

  • Designing performance management tools to manage performance data better
  • Developing strategic or business plans
  • Designing and/or implementing coaching plans for team members
  • Identifying ways to motivate and encourage staff

Operational management

  • Enhancing customer service systems to deliver better customer service
  • Developing more efficient procedures to improve productivity
  • Developing templates to speed up processes
  • Improving rostering of work

Change and improvement management

  • Implementing a lessons learned log to facilitate a continuous improvement approach to work
  • Identifying areas for business improvement
  • Planning for new business services or products

Need more information?

Reading a training program overview is often not enough to make a decision about whether that program is suitable for your team or organisation.

Here at FMI we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in management and leadership which we are happy to share with you. If you would like to chat about your particular needs we can advise you on suitable learning and development solutions for you, even if it includes services that we do not currently offer.

If you are interested in delivery for onsite training for a group in your organisations, we can vary or design the course to suit your specific needs and organisational objectives.

We also specialise in designing training courses, coaching programs and assessment tools, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to ask us if we can put it together for you.