One day workshop exploring how to embed continuous improvement practices into your work.


This practical course helps managers implement selected continuous improvement systems and processes that provide meaningful and systematic improvements to the business.

There is an increasing pressure for managers and organisations continually to raise their performance levels. Factors that contribute to this pressure include: increased competition; raised customer expectations; powerful market forces; rapid technology developments; rising standards and regulations. Continuous Improvement is a valuable management approach that has demonstrated its effectiveness in meeting this pressure.

During the course participants will learn a range of tools and techniques to improve operations, customer service and project management.


Lead and implement continuous improvement systems and processes
  • The importance of performance improvement systems and processes
  • Customer value chain
  • Key performance improvement areas:
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Systems and processes
    • Team development
    • Standards
  • Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Service and Six Sigma
  • Raising performance levels and benchmarking
  • A core model for continuous improvement including useful tools
  • Team driven improvement and high performance teams
  • Monitor progress
  • Improve customer service
  • Document and communicate results
Improve performance
  • Monitor and adjust performance
Use opportunities for further improvement
  • Ways to overcome problems that may affect continuous improvement
  • Develop team ownership of improvement strategies
  • Planning for future improvements


  • Enhance productivity and performance levels
  • Ensure a competitive organisation that is responsive to increased competition and customer expectations
  • Identify key areas for organisational performance improvement
  • Allow team members to identify and manage the implementation of improvements


  • 1 day In house course (short course or module in a training program) or
  • 3 session coaching program

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for managers who wish to take a professional approach to improve performance.

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.”

Tom Peters