One day course to develop delegation skills.


This course shows how to delegate tasks effectively so that the results wanted are achieved.

Delegation and assigning work is the ability to pass responsibility for the effective completion of a task, whether simple or complex, to someone else. To be able to effectively delegate and assign work you must clearly define the task or project and select an appropriate person or team to complete the work. You should be confident that they have the capabilities, resources and appropriate briefing to enable them to complete the task. Delegation is a crucial skill for those who take on responsibility for leading others.


Manager’s toolkit : Delegation and assigning work
  • The importance of delegation in a manager’s toolkit
  • Benefits of delegation
  • The process to effectively delegate and assign work
Define task or project to delegate
  • How to define the task
  • Outline of the methodology for completing the task
  • Define the resources required
  • Expectations and goals
  • Stakeholders and reporting requirements
Select a delegate or delegate team
  • Who can do the task?
  • Define the team
  • What is their workload and their other priorities?
  • What capabilities are required?
  • What is the incentive for them?
  • Can I expect pushback from them?
  • How to develop ownership
Communicate delegation and assign work
  • What is the most effective way to communicate the delegation?
  • What reporting do I / stakeholders expect?
Challenges when delegating and assigning work
  • Pushback
  • Unclear boundaries
  • Capability mismatch
  • Communication breakdown
  • Overcommitted
  • Under resourced
  • Unrealistic objectives
Improve performance of delegated work
  • Coach to improve performance
  • Provide feedback
  • Encourage, value and reward
Monitor and review delegation performance
  • How will stakeholders keep track of progress?
  • Review progress


  • Employees can share workloads with one another
  • Less duplication of work and effort
  • Better leadership within the organisation
  • Less time wasted
  • Reduced risk of accidents and mistakes
  • Managers have more time to manage others


  • Half day In house course (short course or module in a training program) or
  • 3 session coaching program

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for leaders and managers who want to improve their ability to delegate and assign work.

“The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.”

Anthea Turner