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Delegate with confidence that the person or team you are delegating to can complete the task.

This course helps managers and leaders set clear performance expectations so that they can assign work to suitable candidates and then ensure the work is being carried out to the desires standard.

Delegation is the ability to pass responsibility for the completion of a task to someone else. To be able to effectively delegate you must be confident in the abilities of the person or team you are delegating to can complete the task. This entails not only their personal competence to be able to complete the task but also your ability to effectively communicate and direct them as to your expectations. Delegation is a crucial skill for those who are taking on more responsibility but have limited capacity to add more work to their load.

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Key learning content


  • Establishing delegation goals
  • Matching people’s capabilities to delegation tasks
  • Preparation for delegation
  • Carrying out delegation
  • Managing and monitoring delegate’s performance
  • Giving feedback for improved delegate performance

Delegation practical application

  • Practical exercises in delegation

Delivery options

This course is available as:

Professional course: 1 day face to face training course with interactive discussion, examples, case studies and role plays to demonstrate and apply principles

Essential Session: 1.5 hour training course providing a concise overview of key principles involved

Fast Track: 3 hour training courses that provides an overview with discussion, examples and case studies of principles and their application

Change Maker: 6 week training program combining course with application in the workplace and review session

Open learning: learners are sent electronic copy of materials to complete course in their own time

Coaching: coaching provided in blocks of 30 minutes face to face, via phone, Skype or email

Blended course: combination of face to face training, online learning and / or coaching

Benefits to the learner

  • Feel confident in being able to manage delegation so that work gets completed to a standard that you are satisfied with
  • Free up your time by delegating work to others
  • Improve performance by delegating to others who have time to complete the work

Benefits to the organisation

  • Employees can share workloads with one another
  • Less duplication of work and effort
  • Better leadership within the organisation
  • Less time wasted
  • Reduced risk of accidents and mistakes
  • Managers have more time to manage others

Course assessment

There is no formal assessment available for this course, however participants can complete a 6 week Change Maker Action Program.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for leaders and managers who want to improve their ability to delegate work.

“The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.”

Anthea Turner

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