One day practical course on the fundamentals of negotiation skills.


This course equips people with negotiation skills so that they can negotiate better to achieve better results.

Negotiation skills enable people to move towards a mutual agreement where all parties involved feel they have benefited from the outcome. Negotiations are commonplace in our everyday lives, not just within the workplace. By learning how to negotiate we can contribute to the improvement of the status quo and gain satisfaction from an agreement. Negotiation skills focus on the need to “give and take” as we bargain to find a resolution. Communication and emotional intelligence skills play a key part in dealing with the emotions that can arise during the negotiation process.

This practical workshop teaches participants a strategy for preparing for a negotiation to optimise outcomes. Participants also practice negotiations throughout the workshop to improve their skills and develop more confidence.


Successful negotiation
  • Advantages of Effective Negotiation
  • How Well Do You Negotiate?
  • The 12 Steps of Negotiation
Negotiation approaches
  • Prepare for negotiation
  • Define the parameters of the negotiation
  • Research the issues
  • Identify stakeholder Interests in a negotiation
Prepare to negotiate
  • Develop your negotiation strategy
  • Negotiation schedules
  • Power factors in negotiation
  • Identify sources of power in a negotiation
Negotiation: the Process
  • Negotiation strategies and tactics in practice
  • Be aware of and control your emotions in negotiation
  • Deal with upset or difficult people and behaviours
  • Intensive practice in negotiations and analysis of results
Continuously improve your negotiation skills
  • Continuous improvement in negotiation
  • Your negotiation development


  • Create an organisational culture that supports negotiation
  • Ensure competitiveness is maintained
  • Improve business efficiency with the successful introduction of negotiation


  • 1 day In house course or
  • 3 -4 session coaching program

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their ability to negotiate in a personal or professional context.

“Negotiating is not something to be avoided or feared – it’s an everyday part of life.

Leigh Steinberg