New manager coaching program


Flexible, tailored new manager coaching program.
New manager coaching program


Designed specifically for new managers, this coaching program helps develop key management skills and work through common challenges faced by new managers.

The transition to a new management role can be challenging for a number of reasons. It´s important to equip new managers with the skills they need and provide support so that they can overcome challenges as they begin their new role.

The program is typically delivered over a 14 week period and can be started before the participant transitions into their new role as a manager or after they have started. The program offers a practical, work based approach to developing management skills.

The coach works with the participant to identify key content areas to focus on, working through learning objectives and tailoring the program to suit their specific learning needs and working context. Between each session the participant applies learning to their work and is able to review and evaluate their performance with the coach.

This coaching program for new managers helps to develop knowledge, improve capability and build confidence so they can carry out their roles more effectively.


This program is selected from the following topics as most appropriate:

Effective Communication
  • Communicate with your team
  • Communicate with your managers
  • Communicate with your customers and other stakeholders
Organise work
  • Work priorities for new managers
  • Manage time
Performance management & leadership
  • Manage performance
  • Leadership styles
  • Motivate your team
  • People skills for the workplace
  • Run effective team meetings
  • Delegate effectively
  • Coach your team
Issues new managers face
  • Challenges you face as a new manager
  • Resolve conflict
  • Be assertive as a new manager
  • Deal with difficult situations
  • WHS and other requirements
  • Overcome barriers and survive stress as a new manager
  • Balance your life and work


Coaching delivery

FMI offers coaching in three different formats: face to face; phone; video call. Participants can select the mode(s) that are most suitable for their situation and budget.

The participant agrees outcomes they wish to achieve through the coaching. This agreement is documented so it can be referred back to review and check progress being made.

FMI’s coaches

FMI coaches are experienced as leaders and managers themselves and help people with practical and effective coaching to enhance their abilities as leaders and managers.

The value of coaching programs with FMI

FMI’s coaching services help managers develop strengths in the specific areas that are most important for them and their work context. Programs are designed to ensure that development is embedded into actual workplace practice.  The targeted and customised coaching programs offer a highly cost-effective and efficient way to optimise leadership and management performance.


This coaching program is designed for people who have started or are moving into a manager role for the first time.


  • 6 x 1 hour sessions
  • Scheduling to be agreed between participant and coach; work day, early morning, evening and weekend sessions available
  • Delivered via Zoom or other video based platform