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This course is designed to build the foundation skills for new or emerging supervisors.

Leadership is about guiding a team to meet performance targets. People moving into a supervisor or team leader role must develop the skills to lead and motivate their team. They must plan and communicate to assign and delegate work to staff and monitor their performance. They may also be required to develop team members through coaching to ensure that they can complete the tasks that have been assigned to them.  This course provides a good overview of the role of the new supervisor or team leader and provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on and improve leadership capability.

Supervisor skills

  • How to make the transition from team member to team leaders
  • What do your manager and your team expect from you as a leader?
  • Your responsibilities as a supervisor /team leader
  • What makes a successful supervisor/ team leader?
  • How to lead assertively and motivate the team
  • How to supervise the different types of people in your team
  • Plan your time and your priorities effectively
  • Plan work for the team and yourself
  • Delegate work effectively
  • Monitor work performance
  • Give feedback on performance
  • Run effective toolbox and other team meetings
  • Coach team members
  • Continuously improve your leadership capabilities

Key learning content

Delivery options

This course is available as:

Professional course: 1 day face to face training course with interactive discussion, examples, case studies and role plays to demonstrate and apply principles

Essential Session: 1.5 hour training course providing a concise overview of key principles involved

Fast Track: 3 hour training courses that provides an overview with discussion, examples and case studies of principles and their application

Change Maker: 6 week training program combining course with application in the workplace and review session

Open learning: learners are sent electronic copy of materials to complete course in their own time

Coaching: coaching provided in blocks of 30 minutes face to face, via phone, Skype or email

Blended course: combination of face to face training, online learning and / or coaching

Benefits to the learner

  • Assign and supervise work tasks
  • Develop confidence for taking on new a new role as a supervisor
  • Gain respect from the team with effective supervisory skills

Benefits to the organisation

  • Create effective teams
  • Ensure employees work aligns with organisational objectives
  • Contributes to the performance management of staff
  • Create safer work environments

Course assessment

There is no formal assessment available for this course, however participants can complete a 6 week Change Maker Action Program.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for anyone working in or moving into a supervisor or team leader role.

“Don’t persuade, defend or interrupt. Be curious, be conversational, be real. And listen.”

Elizabeth Lesser

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