Three day course covering fundamental management skills for new and experienced managers.


This course gives managers a practical approach to managing themselves and others more effectively.

Day 1, Manage personal effectiveness, teaches participants how to optimise the way they apply themselves to work. This includes developing personal leadership and managing time and priorities. It also helps participants to explore strategies for managing stress and building resilience and to plan for their ongoing development as a leader.

Day 2, Manage people effectively, focuses on how to manage interpersonal relationships with people including communication and emotional intelligence. These skills are then tested in challenging situations such as managing conflict and leading difficult conversations.

Day 3, Manage team performance explores how to lead teams, delegate and assign work, manage performance and deal with challenges such as behavioral issues and performance below standards.


Day 1: Manage personal effectiveness
Personal leadership
  • Be aware of your role and responsibilities as a manager
  • Apply values to your work
  • Develop a positive mindset as a manager
  • Decision making and problem solving as a manager
Manage your time and priorities
  • Prioritise work and outcomes
  • Organise and schedule time use
  • Optimise time use
Develop as a leader or manager
  • Identify your development needs and opportunities as a manager
  • Create a personal development plan
  • Overcome personal barriers to leadership performance
  • Engage a mentor and / or other support for your role
Manage personal effectiveness challenges
  • Identify challenges you face in your role
  • Develop confidence and assertiveness
  • Manage work pressures and stress
  • Build personal resilience
Day 2: Manage people effectively
People skills as a leader
  • Build rapport and positive relationships
  • Interact with different types of people
You role in managing interpersonal issues effectively
  • Apply emotional intelligence at work
  • Identify situations where emotional intelligence is important
  • Emotional intelligence and self-awareness as a leader
  • Use emotional intelligence to interact effectively with others at work
Communication skills for managers
  • Effective and assertive communication as a manager
  • Communicate with your team, managers, customers and stakeholders
  • Lead difficult conversations
Manage challenges in managing people
  • Identify challenges you face in your role
  • Manage conflict


  • Provide team members with the skills they need to manage a team
  • Improve performance and productivity of teams with sound management
  • Remove barriers to allocation and completion of work


  • Public program – starts 28 Feb 2020 in SYD FIND OUT MORE HERE or
  • 3 day In house course or
  • 8 session coaching program

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for anyone working in or moving into a management, supervisor or team leader role.