This course is designed for managers and leaders who want to enhance the productivity and performance of their teams. This course teaches participants how to empower their team through leadership, wellbeing and coaching to enhance their own performance. Participants also learn how to improve the delivery of products and services through the use of operational and customer service management techniques. Successful implementation of these practices will provide more opportunity for managers and leaders to drive improvements and change.

This course follows on from FMI’s Practical Management Skills Part 1 short course.

Key learning content

Day 1: Manage work performance

Identify work performance factors

  • Identify relevant work targets, strategies and measurements
  • Identify work flows and current performance
  • Identify tools and resources that are currently used to optimise performance

Evaluate work performance

  • Evaluate relevant performance targets, strategies and measurements
  • Identify opportunities to improve work processes and systems
  • Evaluate resources
  • Select priorities to work on

Design and implement improvements

  • Plan improvement projects
  • Design workflows, systems and processes
  • Engage the team to drive improvements

Manage challenges in work management

  • Identify challenges you face in your role
  • Maintain continuous improvement
  • Manage people through change


Day 2: Manage team performance

Lead teams

  • How to engage and motivate the team
  • Develop trust and collaboration
  • Develop positive team culture
  • Leadership during hard times

Delegate and assign work

  • Define and delegate work
  • Overcome challenges when delegating and assigning work

Performance management

  • Identify required standards and measures of performance
  • Communicate performance expectations
  • Monitor performance
  • Raise performance through feedback and coaching

Manage challenges in performance management

  • Identify challenges you face in your role
  • Manage behavioural issues
  • Manage performance below standards

How this course drives results

  • Provide team members with the skills they need to manage a team
  • Improve performance and productivity of teams with sound management
  • Remove barriers to allocation and completion of work


  • 2 day In house course (short course or module in a training program) or
  • 3 – 6 session coaching program

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for anyone working in or moving into a management, supervisor or team leader role. It is recommended that this course be delivered with Practical Management Skills Part 1.