Practical, work based management training program for new and experienced managers.


FMI’s Practical Management Skills Training Program is designed to develop key management leadership skills to help managers effectively manage people to achieve results. During the program participants learn how to address they key challenges faced by managers including how to leverage use of time, developing relationships with team members and stakeholders, assigning and managing work, workflow management and improving workplace performance.

This practical, work based program is typically delivered over 6 -12 weeks and combines two workshops with a Management Application Project (MAP). The workshops cover topics such as time management, communication, emotional intelligence, resilience, stress management, conflict management, delegation, system design, operational management, continuous improvement, performance management and team culture. The program content can integrate examples, case studies and resources from your organisation to enhance relevance and practical application.

Following the workshop, participants will complete a Management Application Project (MAP) over two months. The self-directed, experiential project supports participants to identify management related opportunities, issues, tasks and problems and take the initiative to address them in a timely and cost effective way. Projects can be designed to benefit peers, customers, the wider organisation and other key stakeholders.

Management training programs, short courses and coaching programs for frontline managers


Day 1: Manage personal effectiveness
Personal leadership
  • Be aware of your role and responsibilities as a manager
  • Apply values to your work
  • Develop a positive mindset as a manager
  • Decision making and problem solving as a manager
Manage your time and priorities
  • Prioritise work and outcomes
  • Organise and schedule time use
  • Optimise time use
Develop as a leader or manager
  • Identify your development needs and opportunities as a manager
  • Create a personal development plan
  • Overcome personal barriers to leadership performance
  • Engage a mentor and / or other support for your role
Manage personal effectiveness challenges
  • Identify challenges you face in your role
  • Develop confidence and assertiveness
  • Manage work pressures and stress
  • Build personal resilience
Day 2: Manage people effectively
People skills as a leader
  • Build rapport and positive relationships
  • Interact with different types of people
You role in managing interpersonal issues effectively
  • Apply emotional intelligence at work
  • Identify situations where emotional intelligence is important
  • Emotional intelligence and self-awareness as a leader
  • Use emotional intelligence to interact effectively with others at work
Communication skills for managers
  • Effective and assertive communication as a manager
  • Communicate with your team, managers, customers and stakeholders
  • Lead difficult conversations
Manage challenges in managing people
  • Identify challenges you face in your role
  • Manage conflict
Day 3: Manage work performance
Identify work performance factors
  • Identify relevant work targets, strategies and measurements
  • Identify work flows and current performance
  • Identify tools and resources that are currently used to optimise performance
Evaluate work performance
  • Evaluate relevant performance targets, strategies and measurements
  • Identify opportunities to improve work processes and systems
  • Evaluate resources
  • Select priorities to work on
Design and implement improvements
  • Plan improvement projects
  • Design workflows, systems and processes
  • Engage the team to drive improvements
Manage challenges in work management
  • Identify challenges you face in your role
  • Maintain continuous improvement
  • Manage people through change
Day 4: Manage team performance
Lead teams
  • How to engage and motivate the team
  • Develop trust and collaboration
  • Develop positive team culture
  • Leadership during hard times
Delegate and assign work
  • Define and delegate work
  • Overcome challenges when delegating and assigning work
Performance management
  • Identify required standards and measures of performance
  • Communicate performance expectations
  • Monitor performance
  • Raise performance through feedback and coaching
Manage challenges in performance management
  • Identify challenges you face in your role
  • Manage behavioural issues
  • Manage performance below standards


  • Combines workshops, Management Application Project (MAP) and optional coaching
  • Delivered over 2 – 6 months
  • Participants work with a mentor throughout their program
  • Participants make improvements to the workplace through project work


  • Public program – starts 28 Feb 2020 in SYD FIND OUT MORE HERE
  • 4 days In house training
  • Management Application Project
  • Optional coaching
  • Optional Presentations and future planning workshop

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for anyone working in or moving into a management, supervisor or team leader role. It is suitable for both new and experienced managers.