Half day course to improve how meetings are managed and run.


This course provides participants with tools and strategies for managing and enhancing interaction in meetings.

Meetings must be focused on clear objectives that you wish to obtain. They should not be just a matter of “keeping in touch”. This means you must prepare thoroughly and write a clear but concise meeting agenda and plan.

During the meeting the discussion should be managed professionally. The meeting must be clearly focused.  You must use careful listening and interactive skills to identify and clarify opportunities, issues and problems. This course takes a practical approach to developing and enhancing meetings that are effective and achieve desired outcomes for you, your meeting participants and your organisation.


Prepare for the client meeting
  • The value of effective meetings
  • Identify the specific opportunities that you intend the meeting should Identify
  • Set clear goals and outcomes for the meeting: what would you ideally like to achieve as a desirable outcome and what is the minimum acceptable outcome from the meeting?
  • Schedule the meeting and discuss key items with key participants by phone or email so they can prepare
  • Develop the meeting agenda planning your key steps and significant questions you may ask
  • Prepare documentation and/or visual aids required for the meeting and to be sent out before the meeting
Run the meeting effectively
  • Review the significant issues
  • Use carefully chosen questions to probe and invite input
  • Be prepared to stay silent when appropriate
  • Keep the meeting on track and on schedule
  • Seek a win-win outcome if you negotiate during the meeting
  • Identify shared responsibilities for actions decided
  • Summarise the outcomes and actions to be taken
  • Record results and action outcomes and schedule
Follow up the meeting to optimise results
  • Send participants written confirmation of agreement for action and follow up
  • Take follow up action as promised and keep stakeholders informed of progress


  • Enables attendance at meetings to be an effective use of time
  • Create consistency in the way that meetings are managed so they are a worthwhile investment


This course is suitable for managers and others responsible for managing meetings.



Half day face to face OR 2 x 90 sessions delivered via Zoom or other video platform


This course is available as a course by coaching. Contact FMI for more details

“Meetings get a bad rap, and deservedly so – most are disorganized and distracted. But they can be a critical tool for getting your team on the same page.”

Justin Rosenstein