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Develop a calm, focused and positive approach to work by reducing workplace stress and its effects.

We often “stress” about the outcomes of things such as looming deadlines, quantity of difficulty of work or expectations that we set for ourselves or others. There are many factors which are outside of our control such as the passing of time, our limited capacity as individuals and the expectations of other people- but what we can control is our response to these things. Managing stress involves setting realistic expectations, putting in your best effort and being happy with the outcome regardless of whether it met your initial expectations. This can have a positive impact on both emotional and physical factors of stress. Managing your stress is a skill which can be used in both your personal and professional lives.

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Key learning content

Stress management

  • Analysing key stressors in your workplace
  • Setting stress management goals
  • Maintain focus and organisation to stay calm
  • Reduce the external stressors through better work focus and organisation
  • Reduce impact of the stressors
  • Reduce the internal effects of stress


  • Value of resilience
  • Responding with resilience
  • Understanding your mind
  • Managing your mindset
  • Take control

Delivery options

This course is available as:

Professional course: 1 day face to face training course with interactive discussion, examples, case studies and role plays to demonstrate and apply principles

Essential Session: 1.5 hour training course providing a concise overview of key principles involved

Fast Track: 3 hour training courses that provides an overview with discussion, examples and case studies of principles and their application

Change Maker: 6 week training program combining course with application in the workplace and review session

Open learning: learners are sent electronic copy of materials to complete course in their own time

Coaching: coaching provided in blocks of 30 minutes face to face, via phone, Skype or email

Blended course: combination of face to face training, online learning and / or coaching

Benefits to the learner

  • Keep a positive frame of mind in the face of competing or overwhelming demands
  • Be happy with outcomes regardless of whether they meet initial expectations
  • Take control of situations and find enjoyment from them

Benefits to the organisation

  • Provide team members with the skills to combat stress
  • Improve productivity as staff are able to manage competing demands with focus
  • Combat stress related health concerns within the workplace
  • Create a happier work environment

Course assessment

There is no formal assessment available for this course, however participants can complete a 6 week Change Maker Action Program.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their stress management.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

William James

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