This course provides a framework to help leaders and managers to develop, enhance, lead and monitor a positive workplace culture that meets the vision of their organisation.

This very practical course is designed to help participants create plans for changes that can be applied directly in the workplace to enhance the culture they lead.

The culture of an organisation or a team is shown by the way things are done, the way people behave and the attitudes they display. Different organisations and teams have distinct cultures. Work culture is like the DNA of an organisation and determines the way people work and behave.

Culture is an important driver to retain employees, attract potential employees and gain and maintain customers. Culture can make one business or organisation more successful than another, even if they are providing the same products or services.

The leader’s focus must be on developing trust, transparency, authenticity and accountability in the team. Ultimately culture affects the bottom line of a business and in today’s fast moving business environment a culture of agility is essential for the organisation to thrive.

This course helps participants to develop a plan to improve workplace culture at their organisation.

Key learning content

A vision for culture

  • What is culture and why is it important for our organisation?
  • Set the Vision for culture for your team and identify the value of this for your organisation, your team, customers and stakeholders
  • What is the gap between your Vision and the current reality?

Create a culture

  • Specific steps you should to take as a leader to enhance and change the culture and lead it effectively
  • How to develop a “Culture Pack”
  • “Walk the talk” through your own leadership example
  • Coach and mentor for change of culture
  • Develop your Leadership Action Plan to lead culture

How this course drives results

  • Create an environment where people want to work and potentially reduce staff turnover and attract high potential new team members
  • Foster innovation and creativity by creating an environment that supports the introduction and implementation of new ideas and improvements


  • 1 day In house course (short course or module in a training program) or
  • 3 session coaching program

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for all members of an organisation who would like to improve workplace culture.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

Peter Drucker

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