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Training course catalogue


Training and workshops

Workshops and learning sessions delivered onsite at your organisation or a suitable training venue.

Suitable for groups of 4 or more.

Self paced learning

Self paced open learning short courses to develop practical skills.

Flexible delivery so you can start any time.

Coaching programs

One and one and small group coaching to support your learning.

A flexible, personalised development option by phone or Skype.

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The Frontline Management Institute has designed a range of courses across the categories of personal development, people management, operational management and strategic development.

When selecting appropriate course(s) for your team, we match learning content and modes to your team. We are able to contextualise each course for your organisation and industry.

The sessions are designed to be interactive and keep people active and engaged throughout the whole session.

Sessions can be delivered by an FMI facilitator, all of whom are experts in training, coaching, management and leadership and adult learning.

FMI also offers a range of shorter Essentials sessions that are designed to fit into tight or busy schedules. Focusing on key principles, these courses and sessions deliver the essential facts so that participants can learn and retain the information that is most relevant to them.

All of FMI’s courses and sessions can tailored or grouped to create development programs, customised team development days or conference keynotes.

If you are interested in a course topic that is not listed in our course catalogue  please contact FMI to discuss your needs and we will advise you.

Communication and interpersonal skills courses

Learn how to adapt communication style for different scenarios and build strong relationships. Includes courses such as communication, emotional intelligence, presentation skills and negotiation skills.

Operations and project management courses

A selection of courses to use systems and processes to improve quality and consistency of work and mange projects. Includes courses for developing the skills to organise work flow and processes so they control risks and resource use and provide the most effective and efficient outcomes.

Personal development courses

These courses are designed to improve confidence and capability to lead and manage own work. Includes courses for developing personal skills such as time management, decision making and resilience.

Leadership and people management courses

A range of courses to build skills, knowledge and techniques for improving management and leadership of others. The courses for improving the skills include performance management, leadership, delegation, coaching, conflict management and building strong teams.

Customer service courses

These courses teach how to connect with your customers to build relationships and improve processes. Includes customer service and client relationships.

Change and development courses

A selection of courses for people wanting to improve strategic planning capabilities and develop forward focused mindsets. Courses for strategic include change management, business case planning and project management.

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