About Frontline Management Institute (FMI)

The Frontline Management Institute (FMI) is a family owned Australian business specialising in management and leadership development through training, coaching, program design and certification. We support people through their development process and create engaging, practical and relevant learning solutions.

FMI was established in 1998 and has delivered a range of learning and development solutions throughout Australia and globally that have empowered leaders and managers to be their best whilst also ensuring organisations achieve a healthy return on investment.

We have a team of in-house learning and development experts led by Directors Larry and Ruby Lucas.

FMI is a Division of Network One Communications, which is a specialist training and management development organisation with extensive experience since 1986 in developing training for specific organisations and needs, such as developing the highly successful training for the 15,000 transport volunteers and drivers in the Sydney Olympic Games.

Learning experience with FMI

FMI has worked with many hundreds of organisations over a span of more than twenty years delivering management development programs to drive improved manager performance. Over this time, the programs that have seen the best results have integrated a combination of workshops and coaching, workplace application through projects and support and recognition for program participants.

These programs have seen improved engagement and performance of managers and their teams.  They have also experienced significant return on investment with outcomes and performance improvements clearly tracked through the project process.

FMI’s Learning Experience is illustrated below. We focus on practical, engaging and relevant training and coaching combined with flexible, supportive and applied Management Application Projects (MAPs).