FMI is able to deliver learning and development programs designed to meet the specific needs of organisations in the community and health sector such as aged care and community health.

We understand the need to deliver programs that drive improved customer service whilst meeting resource constraints. Having worked with many organisations in this sector we have an understanding of the unique pressures people working in this industry experience. We are able to create programs that support staff to balance self-care with customer care and deliver ongoing improvements to organisational performance.

We can tailor delivery to fit in with work schedules and ensure programs empower teams to make change whilst adhering to guidelines and policies relevant to their work.

Examples of projects FMI has worked on in the community and health industry

  • Development program on project proposal writing for a health network
  • Training and certification of the entire management and supervisory team for a community based organisation for people with disabilities
  • Supervisor training for an Aboriginal health service
  • Open learning manager training for a community based care home
  • Business planning training
  • Team effectiveness program


Some of the community and health industries clients we have worked with

  • Sydney North Primary Health Network
  • Sunnyhaven
  • Henrycare
  • Hills Nursing
  • Aboriginal Medical Services
  • Uniting
  • Anglicare
  • Catholic Care
  • Fred Hollows Foundation
  • Regis
  • Anglican Retirement Villages Catering
  • Ted Noffs
  • Salvation Army
  • Royal College of Pathologists
  • St John’s Ambulance
  • Garvan Research Foundation / Garvan Institute of Medical Research
  • NSW Health Care Complaints Commission
  • The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards