Support managers and leaders with their professional development through engaging and practical short courses.

FMI has supported thousands of managers over the last 20 years and is a leader in this field.

Management training courses

FMI’s management short courses are suitable for all learning styles, combining activities such as group discussion, scenario responses, case study review and workplace application. In addition to core content, the short courses can be tailored for your organisation with specific examples and / or topics integrated into the delivery.

Short courses are delivered as one to two day workshops and can be delivered in person or online. FMI’s workshops are suitable for groups of three to eighteen or more participants. These group sizes can be adjusted to suit your needs. During workshop delivery, each participant will receive an electronic copy of the learning materials. We also offer an option for printed materials if this better suits your team. At the end of each workshop, FMI will issue a certificate of completion to recognise participant in the workshop.

FMI’s courses are designed and facilitated by our team who combine subject matter expertise and workplace industry experience. We work hard to ensure our courses are practical, relevant and current.

Workshop delivery schedules can be adjusted to suit your organisation. We can adapt session duration, start / finish times and days of delivery to suit.

FMI's approach to management short courses

FMI’s design approach for management short courses

Framework: Content is delivered using a variety of learning approaches including group discussion, case studies, activities and small group work. Participants also complete a Management Application Project to address a key opportunity, challenge or task in their role.

Support: Delivery is adjusted to suit the organisation’s objectives and participants’ learning styles. Short courses can also be complemented by coaching, assessment tools and / or mentoring programs. Content can be tailored to include case studies and relevant management standards or systems.

Outcome: Participants experience engaging and thought provoking workshop experiences. These provide them with a range of tools and ideas to apply to their work. The MAP provides them the opportunity to embed change into the way they work to improve overall performance.

National and international short course delivery

Because our team is located across Australia, we are able to work with clients across Australia in Sydney, regional NSW, Melbourne, regional Victoria, Brisbane, Queensland, Adelaide, South Australia, Canberra, ACT, Perth and Western Australia and the Northern Territory. In addition, we also work with organisations based around the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the Americas.

Customised management training courses

FMI offers a range of management courses to build manager capability in key areas such as Time Management, Delegation, Practical Management Skills, Management Skills for New Managers and Emotional Intelligence. These courses are suitable for managers and leaders across a range of levels of experience and industry backgrounds. Our courses are designed in-house and offer a practical, work based approach to developing management competency. All of our courses can be customised for your organisation’s needs including:

  • Integration of organisation / industry specific examples and case studies
  • Changes and / or additions to course content
  • Alignment with capability frameworks
  • Guest speakers
  • Paired with a mentoring program
  • Combined with a Management Application Project (MAP) whereby course participants identify key improvements they want to make to their work and are given a structured process to embed change


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