Support managers and leaders with their professional development with flexible and practical onsite training.

FMI has supported thousands of managers over the last 20 years and is a leader in this field.

Inhouse management training

FMI offers inhouse management training short courses and training programs to corporate, not for profit, government and community clients across Australia.

Frontline Management Institute has extensive experience in facilitating and developing engaging inhouse management training programs and courses. We offer a range of services including tailored workshops, programs and courses that are designed to deliver results for leaders, managers, teams and organisations.

We have designed our onsite corporate management training courses in such a way so that professionals can easily participate, despite busy schedules with flexible delivery times and course lengths.

FMI's approach to onsite management training

Onsite management training support and features
  • Dedicated account manager: Each client will receive a dedicated account manager who will be available to answer any questions. Contact can be made via phone or email in addition to regular review meetings. FMI’s account managers have experience delivering professional programs for clients.
  • Training evaluation: A range of evaluation services including attendance and assessment reports, survey feedback reports and regular review and evaluation meetings are available to organisations.
  • Materials branding: Each organisation has the option to have learning materials branded with their logo and organisation name.
  • Content tailoring: It is possible to include organisation specific content either within the learning materials pack or delivered by an organisation’s facilitator.
  • Student support: Participants receive access to FMI’s help desk which provides them with advice on how to manage their course requirements and planning their professional development The student centre provides access to a range of resources for participants including the participant handbook, privacy policy and information about assessments and funding support.
  • Learning materials: FMI offer a range of courses, each with a set of learning materials that guide participants through the content. These include a learning guide and a presentation. Materials are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure their relevance.
  • Management resources: FMI publishes its own resources available in both electronic and printed versions.
Onsite management training options
  • Classic course (1-2 days) : This is a one or two day training course with interactive discussion, examples, case studies and role plays to demonstrate and apply principles. Suitable for groups of three or more participants.
  • Focus / Keynote sessions (60 – 90 minutes): The Focus sessions offer concise overviews of key principles related to the course topic. Suitable for groups of three or more participants. Can be combined into a conference, training program other learning and development sessions.
  • Change Maker course (additional follow up): This is a half day follow up course with additional project / application work to be completed by participants. The course is an add-on to standard corporate course delivery. It is normally delivered a few weeks after the original course. Suitable for groups of three or more participants.
  • Modules (clusters): FMI provides a range of training modules which consist of clusters of three or more courses focusing on specific areas of leadership and management professional competence. These include Personal leadership, results focused leadership, people leadership, people development and strategic change.
  • Training programs: FMI training programs vary from 3 – 30 days and can be delivered either in blocks or spread out over periods of up to 2 years. They can be aligned with the organisation’s own competency standards, capability requirements or performance management systems or standards.
Small group and flexible delivery options
  • Small groups: FMI offers onsite corporate management training for small groups of 3 or more.
  • Online options: All courses and programs are available via video based tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Participants are provided copies of the materials and work through each session online with their facilitator.
  • Coaching: FMI offers a range of coaching solutions to develop specific areas of need for individuals. Coaching is also available to support participants learning for courses and programs.
  • Licensing: FMI has a range of training manuals that we license to organisations that want to deliver their own training in-house. These manuals help clients quickly prepare their training. The licensing conditions allow you to customise the manuals for your own organisation.


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