Management focus training program flexible training for senior managers


Flexible sessions delivered to team of managers who may be too busy to take extended time off work.
Management focus training program flexible training for senior managers


FMI’s Management Focus Training Program brings the opportunity to enhance essential practical people leadership skills for a team of managers who may be too busy to take extended time off work.

The program consists of up to 12 short sessions between 60 minutes to 90 minutes. It is delivered in the workplace or remotely through video delivery such as Zoom approximately monthly either early in morning or at lunchtime. The sessions allow managers or leadership teams to interact and discuss key issues and skills that affect their management practice and identify how to improve them. The program is facilitated by an experienced facilitator who has practical management experience.

The program can be tailored in content and structure to meet the specific needs of your organisation.


Program will vary according to organisational preferences. Sessions available include:


Capabilities of a successful leader

Set the vision for your leadership team

Apply values and standards

Time management

Design the work environment and systems to improve efficiency

Apply time management tools and tips to increase effectiveness

Use psychology to improve work practices

Communication and emotional intelligence

Keys to effective communication as a leader

Overcome common issues in work communications

Apply emotional intelligence in communication


Plan delegation

Delegate effectively

Follow up on delegation

Performance and productivity

Set management goals and targets

Monitor performance

Provide performance feedback and management

Coach and mentor

Manager as a team coach

Create a mentoring culture

Coach team members effectively

Conflict and difficult conversations

Conflict situations that may arise at work

Manage conflict professionally

Hold difficult conversations with staff or customers

Change and stress management

Perseverance and resilience

Lead people through change

Stress management approaches

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement to enhance performance

Useful continuous improvement tools

Lead continuous improvement in the team

Customer service

Plan, measure and improving customer service

Apply customer service standards

Deal with customer service issues


Negotiation strategies

Prepare to negotiate

Negotiate effectively

Positive workplace culture

Keys to positive workplace culture

Enhance the culture of the team

Support effective workplace relationships in the team


This program is suitable for anyone working in or moving into a management, supervisor or team leader role. It is suitable for both new and experienced managers.


Delivery mode and duration of this program is customised for your organisation’s specific objectives.

“Management is nothing more than motivating other people.”

Lee Iacocca