New supervisors and new team leaders coaching


A flexible, tailored coaching program for new team leaders and supervisors.
New supervisors and new team leaders coaching


FMI’s New Supervisor and Team Leader Coaching Program is designed to support new or experienced team leaders and supervisors.

This program helps teams to develop an overall approach to manage and lead others using a professional and confident approach. It also assists them to understand the need to align work with organisational objectives so they can make an effective contribution to the organisation.

This coaching program offers a practical, work based approach to developing management skills. The coach works with the participant to identify key content areas to focus on, working through learning objectives and tailoring the program to suit their specific learning needs and working context. Between each session the participant applies learning to their work and is able to review and evaluate their performance with the coach.

This coaching program helps to develop knowledge, improve capability and build confidence for new supervisors and team leaders.


Introduction and overview
  • Welcome
  • Course overview
  • Your targets for this course
Your transition to a leader
  • Your leadership role, responsibilities and values
  • Make the transition from a team member to a team leader
  • Lead by example and respect team members
  • Identify areas for improvement in team work
  • Set clear expectations for your team members
People skills, communication and emotional intelligence
  • People skills for leaders
  • Clear and concise communication as a leader
  • Communicate as an assertive leader
  • Apply emotional intelligence as a leader
Prioritise and delegate work
  • Review and prioritise work
  • Plan delegation
  • Practical delegation
  • Follow up to delegation
Lead and motivate your team
  • Understand your leadership style
  • Motivate, engage and energise a team
  • Establish team goals, roles and responsibilities
  • Run effective team meetings
Coach and support team members
  • Manage different personalities in your team
  • Coach team members for improved performance
Manage performance
  • Manage performance as a leader
  • Give performance feedback
Meet challenges for team leaders
  • Meet challenges as a team leader
  • Keys to manage conflict
  • Lead difficult conversations
Move forward as a leader
  • Build resilience and manage stress as a leader
  • Develop a continuous improvement mindset
  • Course review
  • Develop your leadership confidence and capabilities further


Coaching delivery

FMI’s coaching is delivered online via Zoom in 60 or 90 minute sessions. Participants can select program that is most suitable for their situation and budget.

The participant agrees outcomes they wish to achieve through the coaching. This agreement is documented so it can be referred back to review and check progress being made.

FMI’s coaches

FMI coaches are experienced as leaders and managers themselves and help people with practical and effective coaching to enhance their abilities as leaders and managers.

The value of coaching programs with FMI

FMI’s coaching services help managers develop strengths in the specific areas that are most important for them and their work context. Programs are designed to ensure that development is embedded into actual workplace practice.  The targeted and customised coaching programs offer a highly cost-effective and efficient way to optimise leadership and management performance.


This coaching program is designed for people who are currently working as a manager and want to improve their people management.


  • 8 x 60 minute sessions OR
  • 8 x 90 minute sessions OR
  • 10 x 90 minute sessions
  • Scheduling to be agreed between participant and coach; work day, early morning, evening and weekend sessions available
  • Delivered via Zoom or other video based platform