Three day course covering fundamental management skills for new and experienced managers.


This course gives managers a practical approach to managing themselves and others more effectively.

Participants learn practical approaches to optimise the way they manage people and work.

It helps participants to manage personal effectiveness such as confidence, assertiveness, stress and resilience. This includes developing personal leadership and managing time and priorities. It also involves developing resilience, building confidence as a manager and planning your ongoing development.

The course explains how to manage interpersonal relationships with people. It includes people skills as a leader and communication skills for managers. It also helps managers identify how to apply emotional intelligence at work. These skills are then tested in challenging situations such as managing conflict and leading difficult conversations.

Importantly the course also focuses on how to lead teams and delegate work and manage performance as well as meet challenges you may face in leading the team.


Introduction and overview
  • Welcome
  • Course overview
  • Your targets for this course
Your role as a manager
  • Your management role, responsibilities and values
  • Lead by example and respect team members
  • Identify areas for improvement in team work
  • Set clear expectations for your team members
People skills, communication and emotional intelligence
  • People skills and relationships for managers
  • Clear and concise communication with teams and stakeholders
  • Assertive communication
  • Advanced emotional intelligence
Prioritise and delegate work
  • Review and prioritise work and time
  • Plan delegation
  • Practical delegation
  • Follow up to delegation
Lead and motivate as a manager
  • Understand your leadership style
  • Motivate, engage and energise people
  • Set goals, roles and responsibilities for others
  • Develop a positive team culture
Coach, mentor and support people
  • Manage different personalities you work with
  • Coach and mentor people for improved performance
Manage performance
  • Manage performance and behavioural feedback
  • Give performance feedback
Meet challenges for managers
  • Meet challenges as a manager
  • Keys to manage conflict
  • Lead difficult conversations
Move forward as a manager
  • Build resilience and manage stress as a manager
  • Develop a continuous improvement mindset
  • Course review
  • Develop your management and leadership confidence and capabilities further


  • Provide team members with the skills they need to manage a team
  • Improve performance and productivity of teams with sound management
  • Remove barriers to allocation and completion of work


This course is suitable for anyone working in or moving into a management, supervisor or team leader role.



2 days face to face OR 8 x 90 sessions delivered via Zoom or other video platform


This course is available as a course by coaching. Contact FMI for more details