Practical, work based management training program for new and experienced supervisors and team leaders.


FMI’s Supervisor / Team Leader Training Program is designed to support new or experienced team leaders and supervisors. This program helps teams to develop an overall approach to manage and lead others using a professional and confident approach. It also assists them to understand the need to align work with organisational objectives so they can make an effective contribution to the organisation.

This practical, work based program is typically delivered over 2 – 4 months. It combines four workshops with Management Application Projects (MAPs). The program content can integrate examples, case studies and resources from your organisation to enhance relevance and practical application.

During the program participants learn participants cover topics such as manage time and work, communication, people management, performance management, emotional intelligence, conflict management and delegation.

The  Management Application Projects (MAPs) are self-directed projects that support participants to identify management related opportunities, issues, tasks and problems and take the initiative to address them in a timely and cost effective way. Through the application of the project, participants also develop project management and interpersonal skills.


Personal effectiveness as a leader
  • Personal leadership
  • Manage your time and priorities
  • Manage stress and develop resilience
  • Build confidence as a manager
  • Plan for your own development
Interpersonal skills for leaders
  • People skills and relationships at work
  • Effective communication at work
  • Emotional intelligence at work
  • Lead difficult conversations
  • Skills MAP briefing
Leading the team
  • Understand your leadership style
  • Motivate, encourage and energise a team
  • Establish team goals, roles and responsibilities
  • Manage and monitor team performance
  • Tips to lead successful meetings
Lead team performance
  • Delegate and assign work
  • Performance management
  • Identify challenges you face in your role
  • Manage behavioural issues
  • Manage performance below standards
  • Performance MAP briefing


This program is designed for new and experienced team leaders and supervisors. Participants often have experience in their role but not have conducted formal training.


Delivery mode and duration of this program is customised for your organisation’s specific objectives.