One day workshop for managers who want to look after the wellbeing of their teams.


This course gives people an insight into the importance of wellbeing at work and provides practical strategies to help improve wellbeing for yourself and your colleagues.

Wellbeing is about taking a positive approach to our health, both mental and physical and taking action to improve it. It is concerned with taking a proactive approach rather than just responding to problems after they occur. A major part of wellbeing at work focuses on managing stress.

People often “stress” about work issues such as looming deadlines, quantity of difficulty of work and expectations that we set for ourselves or others. We can manage and improve many aspects of our work but there are some factors which are outside of our control such as the passing of time, our limited capacity and the expectations of other people. What we can control is our response to these things. Managing stress involves setting realistic expectations, putting in your best effort and being realistic about the outcome regardless of whether it met your initial expectations. This can have a positive impact on both emotional and physical factors of stress. Managing your stress is a skill which can be used in both your personal and professional lives.


  • What is involved in wellbeing at work
  • Why wellbeing is so important
Stress management
  • Analysing key stressors in your workplace
  • Setting stress management goals
  • Maintain focus and organisation to stay calm
  • Reduce the external stressors through better work focus and organisation
  • Reduce impact of the stressors through mental attitudes and responses
  • Reduce the internal effects of stress through mindfulness and improving health
Resilience and mindfulness
  • Value of resilience
  • Responding with resilience
  • Understanding your mind
  • Managing your mindset
  • Take control of your reactions to events
  • Mindfulness techniques


  • Provide team members with the skills to combat stress
  • Improve productivity as staff are able to manage competing demands with focus
  • Combat stress related health concerns within the workplace
  • Create a happier work environment


Suitable for leaders, managers and all team members who want to improve their wellbeing and personal stress management. It can be tailored to link in with organisational wellbeing programs.



1 day face to face OR 4 x 90 sessions delivered via Zoom or other video platform


This course is available as a course by coaching. Contact FMI for more details

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

William James