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Business writing course

This course provides a practical approach to effective business writing skills that enables clear communication and achieves the desired results from the reader.

Challenge coaching program

Challenge coaching is designed to help managers move through challenging situations by learning how to use effective personal leadership and people management strategies.  

Coach and mentor courses

This course provides a practical framework for coaching and mentoring peers and colleagues.

Communication and emotional intelligence course

This course enables people to improve their communication and emotional intelligence in order to plan and deliver professional communication in a way that is clear, engages the audience, and is effective in achieving results.

Conflict management course

This course teaches people how to manage conflict for positive change.

Continuous improvement course

This practical course helps managers implement selected continuous improvement systems and processes that provide meaningful and systematic improvements to the business.

Customer service course

This course gives managers a clear approach to manage customer service in a professional way that meets customer needs while using an appropriate level of resources.

Delegation and assigning work course

This course shows how to delegate tasks effectively so that the results wanted are achieved.

Develop a business case course

This course helps people write a business case for improvements that enables senior management to make clear decisions as to which way to proceed.

Emotional intelligence at work course

This course enables people to understand practical ways to apply emotional intelligence at work.  It helps optimise results and avoid potential conflicts.

Graduate training program

A practical training program developing essential people leadership skills for recent graduates or young people with leadership potential.

Manage operational plans course

Provide safe, efficient and effective products and services to satisfy customers by developing operational plans.

Management Focus training program

FMI’s Management Focus Training Program brings the opportunity to enhance essential practical people leadership skills for a team of managers who may be too busy to take extended time off work.

Management skills for new managers course

This course is an ideal choice for new managers who want to gain a practical approach to managing people.

Negotiation skills course

This course equips people with negotiation skills so that they can negotiate better to achieve better results.

New manager coaching program

Designed specifically for new managers, this coaching program helps develop key management skills and work through common challenges faced by new managers.

New supervisors and team leaders course

This course is designed specifically for people who are new or transitioning into a supervisor or team leader role.

New team leader and new supervisor coaching program

FMI’s New Supervisor and Team Leader Coaching Program is designed to support new or experienced team leaders and supervisors.

Manage performance course

This course provides managers with a practical approach to manage performance of team members.

Practical management skills coaching program

This is a coaching program for people managers who want to improve their ability to manage people in their team and overcome common challenges faced by people managers.

Practical management skills course

This course gives managers a practical approach to managing themselves and others more effectively.

Practical management skills training program

FMI’s Practical management skills training programs develop essential capabilities for new and experienced leaders and managers.

Presentation skills course

Improve confidence to prepare and present informative and persuading presentations by developing key presentation skills.

Project management course

This course provides a solid foundation for managers and project leaders to plan and carry out successful projects at work in a professional way with essential project management skills.

Supervisor and Team Leader training program

FMI’s Supervisor / Team Leader Training Program is designed to support new or experienced team leaders and supervisors.

Team leaders and supervisors course

This course is designed to help supervisors and team leaders become more efficient and effective at their role.

Team leaders and supervisors coaching program

This coaching program is designed to help supervisors and team leaders become more efficient and effective at their role.

Time management course

This course gives a practical approach to time management, improving time use to increase the outcomes from the time invested.

Train the trainer course

This course provides leaders and specialists with the core skills to plan and deliver train the trainer programs at work.

Wellbeing course

This course gives people an insight into the importance of wellbeing at work and provides practical strategies to help improve wellbeing for yourself and your colleagues.

Workplace culture course

This course provides a framework to help leaders and managers to develop, enhance, lead and monitor a positive workplace culture that meets the vision of their organisation.